Investment Tips to Learn from Mike Baur

Mike Baur is the co-founder and board member at Swiss Startup and he has strived to help other entrepreneurs develop their firms through his passion to share ideas with them. In his recent interview, Mike insists that every individual with a passion for setting up a business must be idealistic and ready to listen to the opinions of other people. Mike believes that ideas are brought to life through sharing and implementing one’s thoughts to achieve the set goal. He further encourages entrepreneurs to ensure that they come up with realistic ideas and not to be afraid to try out new things as innovation is the key to success when it comes business.

Mike started his career in banking at a tender age of 16, and he has gained a vast knowledge of finance over the recent years. In the early 90`s, Baur worked at UBS firm, where he acquired a great chance to diversify his knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship. He was later promoted to an advisor, through which he got a chance to interact with various people and talk about the best ways to succeed in business. He then gained a passion for technology and after leaving his job as an advisor, he moved to startup his firm, together with the young entrepreneur back then, Max Meister. Through Swiss firm, Baur has gained an opportunity to offer financial advice to people and guide them on the best strategies they can use to succeed in their ventures.

Mike is highly focused towards developing Swiss firm and he majorly concentrates on financing and raising funds at SSUF. His commitment and dedication towards his work is a great inspiration to many people, which have strived to emulate his steps. The advice that Baur has offered to entrepreneurs through the vast number of interviews that he has attended has seen many of them improve the production in their firms.

He believes that hard work and commitment also go hand in hand with the implementation of ideas because success cannot be achieved without the application of the right resources towards achieving it. He encourages entrepreneurs not to be shaken by the words of people with a negative attitude towards living but instead, they should trust in themselves and apply the right strategies to meet their business goals. The renowned entrepreneur is an inspiration to many people and does not hesitate to share his ideas with every individual that needs expert advice on how they can succeed in their ventures.


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