Innovative Stem Cell Therapy From The Lung Institute

Improving the quality of life for patients who suffer from lung disease by way of stem cell therapy is a treatment many sufferers want to know more about.Improving the lives of those with chronic lung disease, COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, fibrosis and more, is the main goal of most treatments available. But most treatments relieve symptoms and don’t address the disease as a whole.

For many with impaired lungs,simple things like taking a short walk, bathing or making dinner may seem like a difficult task. It may make the person short of breath to walk simply outside. Without many options to get relief and little treatments that will only relieve the symptoms temporarily, most treatments didn’t address the disease.

In a recent article posted on the Lung Institute’s website, they found out many of those treatments had difficult side effects and wanted to do more. They developed Stem Cell Therapy, a protocol that deals with much more than just the symptoms. By taking autologous stem cells from a person’s own body, instead of just relieving the symptoms, it actually helps to induce the body’s ability to heal. By using a minimaly invasive procedure, the patient doesn’t have to go through harsh surgery and its effects, which is the purpose of the Institute.

What Types Of Treatments Does The Lung Institute Offer

According to PR Web, Bone Marrow Treatment uses a two-part procedue over a three day period. It is an outpatient procedure where stem cells are harvested, processed and then reintroduced back into the body. The high patient success rate shows successful patients can breath easier, improving their quality of life.

The other innovative treatment by the Lung Institute is done by venous. Again, using a three day period, the patient’s stem cells are harvested using an IV,separated and returned to the body to help promote healing. Venous stem cell procedure is not as painful as the bone marrow procedure. Either way, these two procedures using stem cell therapy gives hope to those suffering. If you’ve been diagnosed with a respiratory illness and would like a free consultation to discuss a variety of treatment options, please visit the Lung Institute’s website.


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