Greensky Credit, Financial Technology

Greensky Credit was founded in the year 2006. The company’s headquarters are situated in Atlanta, Georgia. Additionally, Greensky Credit has another call center that is located in Covington, Kentucky. The credit organization was founded by David Zalik. David has been termed as a genius in nature. While Zalik was a young boy, aged 14 years, he managed to start his first company. Greensky Credit serves acts as a middleman. The corporate serves consumers by providing them with technical assistance. It assists banks to make loans for the consumers in a more comfortable and convenient means. Greensky programs are fully sponsored by federal, state-chartered and federally insured financial organizations.

Currently, the company works with over 17,000 retailers and merchants. In turn, the retailers use the loans they are given for solar energy solutions, home improvement and healthcare. Some of the home improvement activities include Window repairing, roofing and purchase and sell furniture. It has been recorded that from the year 2012 to 2016 over $5 billion has been lent through the company.

Under the management of David Zalik, it was confirmed that the organization is not well known to the customers. People recognize other technology corporates other than Greensky Credit. The reason behind this is because the company doesn’t make loans from its capital. So far, the organization has partnered with several banks to see this project become a success. Some of the banks that the company has managed to work with include, Regions Financial Corporate and Sun Trust Bank.

These banks have seen the advantage of making loans to consumers indirectly. They have made loans worth billions to consumers through the organization. The Greensky mobile app has enabled the process to become a success. The consumers involved in the whole process include retailers and merchants like the Home Depot. Greensky Credit signs up all consumers and all retailers that deal with home improvement items like roofing, window replacement and aluminum siding. The company announced that it would be extending its services so that it can accommodate medical personnel like doctors and nurses in their services. The hardworking team of employees at Greensky Credit has contributed to see the organization become successful.

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