George Soros Wants The Left To Stage A Comeback

The Year To Forget
The Left was severely disappointed by 2016 on Last year marked a shocking comeback for conservative politicians with victories in both America and Europe. In America, the victories of the Right were much more complete with Republican control over Congress, the White House, and many state governments complete. Nobody is more frustrated with the results than George Soros. After deciding to break his hiatus he returns only to find himself disappointed with the results.

A Billionaire For The Left
George Soros is one of the world’s wealthiest investors, but he has always championed the Left and supported Left Wing causes. For much of his life this consisted of contributing to the political campaigns of politicians who supported causes such as democracy and free markets, but he has recently shifted his interest towards support for globalization on The rhetoric of Donald Trump, with its explicit focus on ending globalization and isolating America, concerned Soros and stirred him to return to politics. Some of the most heated exchanges of words have occured between the two billionaires.

How Things Went Wrong In 2016
He understands why things went wrong for the Left in 2016. Conservatives decided to make their case globalization and consider exactly how many felt about the rise of free trade and immigration on Forbes. According to Soros, many middle class westerners are upset about globalism because they do not see direct benefits from it and want to find a way to end it. Soros acknowledges this and recommends the progressives find a way to include them within the process. Right wing populism has proven there is a strong interest in globalization and liberals need to find a way to sell it to the public.

What Should The Left Do?
George Soros does not plan to go on a hiatus and wants to find a way to help liberals fight back. He intends to do everything he can to fight against Donald Trump in within the first 100 days of his presidency and he wants to find a way to help Democrats return to power. George Soros believes the Left needs to recover fast because the consequences of failing to do so are dire. He believes Donald Trump is shaping himself into a distinctively authoritarian figure and he plans on doing everything he can to stop him from succeeding.

About George Soros
George Soros is a hedge fund manager and long term political donor. In previous decades he had a particularly strong focus on supporting movements in Eastern Europe favoring democracy and free markets, but he has made more of an effort to support progressive values in America in recent years. George Soros supports progressive values because he believes they have the potential to offer people the greatest level of human achievement and open up the most opportunities. He is willing to do whatever it takes to bring about this better world and he believes it is his responsibility to use fortune to do so.

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