George Soros Gives His Opinion On What Should Be Done To Resolve The Refugee Crisis in Europe

Earlier this month, George Soros, wrote an article on titled “Europe: A Better Plan for Refugees”. In the article, he wrote about the asylum policy in Europe as revealed by the EU-Turkey negotiations on which took place in May. Soros wrote about the four flaws witnessed in this policy which led to many refugees being deported from Greece to Turkey.

George Soros identified the first flaw as the policy not being European. This is because the policy was negotiated with Turkey after which Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, imposed it on the EU. The second flaw is that the policy is not adequately funded and the third is that it is not voluntary. This is because the imposition of quotas on by the policy has been opposed by many members of the European Union. The policy also forces refugees to settle where they don’t want to settle and even have some who are already on the European continent to be deported. George Soros identifies the fourth flaw as making Greece the de facto temporary settlement of refugees despite the fact that it cannot adequately contain the asylum seekers who are already in the country.

George Soros opines that these shortcomings of the asylum policy can be corrected. He points out that the European Commission has even acknowledged some of them during the announcement of the new plan aimed at reforming the overall asylum situation in Europe. George Soros also points out that the intended reforms will not work because they still cling on the quotas which will only be opposed by the member states.

Soros offers his opinion as to what ought to be done to alleviate the situation. According to him, the humanitarian crisis in making and for a permanent solution to be reached, the legitimate asylum seekers must be allowed to reach and settle in their places they choose in Europe. There is a lot that needs to be changed for this to be possible. The policy also needs to be adequately funded to be able to respond to the crisis perfectly well. The EU ought to also move quickly to address the anti-immigrant sentiments among some of the member states.

According to Soros, what needs to be done is already known but it only needs to be put together into a coherent and comprehensive policy. The EU should avail adequate financial support to the asylum-seekers and the countries that have received them for their lives to be viable. The refugees should also be allowed to work and their children be given an opportunity to get formal education. He estimates what EU needs to carry this plan out as $34 billion which also includes the financial support given to the countries hosting refugees.

About George Soros

George Soros is an American billionaire investor and philanthropist who is internationally known as a defender of democratic ideals and causes for more than 30 years. He runs the Open Society Foundations, a philanthropic organization which works to defend human rights and support democracy with presence in over 100 countries. As a successful investor, his views on economic and investment issues are very influential.

Adapted from The New York Review of Books

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