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It so the biggest online retail business with its headquarters in Beijing, China. It is known for its use of quality customer service and the use of high technology in the delivery of goods., also known as Jingdong, was established by Liu Qiangdong in 1998 as a physical, brick and mortar, retail store but went online in 2004. Before it was known as, the retail store was known as 360buy. Back then, was a magneto optical store. It later expanded the scope of its sales to include electronics, computers and electronic devices, mobile phones and other gadgets in the same category. In 2007 June, the company’s domain name changed to and in 2013 Jingdong switched out username to This change was worth over 5 million US dollars. This would later set the business on a platform that would cause it to be what it is today.

Smart technology and Smart Cities

China has been, over the years, leading in the use of an advanced technology and development of electrical devices that reduce the need for human work or input. China is also a big player in the development of smart cities. Jingdong has also moved with the tide utilizing artificial intelligence, robotics and machine learning in the delivery of its products. It has incorporated drones and other autonomous technologies. The use of high technology has made the business own the biggest drone delivery system and infrastructure with the largest capability globally. and Futuristic automation

The interest and participation of in technological advancements has led them to open Xiongan, a research center for the futuristic automation in China. This research will play a major role in the development of smart cities in China. Jingdong made this announcement on 1 October 2018 at the Global smart supply chain summit by JD logistics. The focus of this is in urban planning logistics for smart cities; hubs, big data platforms, etc. The institute’s approach, towards building the cities, is a bottom to top approach. From the underground systems, the institute will make use of the tunnels and municipal water pipes and leave a more natural appearance on the ground above.


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