Gareth Henry: What You Need To Know About Quantitative Investing

Gareth Henry obtained his degree in actuarial mathematics from Edinburgh University in Scotland. After his graduation, he worked at Schroders a global investment firm.

After working in the company for some years, he moved to the U.S where he worked at for Fortress Investment Group as a managing director. His responsibility at the company is to oversee its marketing within the U.S, Europe, and the Middle East.

Consequently, Gareth Henry oversees the pension and wealth funds of the company including insurance relations with other countries. Gareth Henry also works as a Global Head at Investor Relations. The company has the responsibility of raising finances between it and other companies in the world economy. At the company, Gareth Henry is responsible for organizing the sales of the company, and he achieves this through the skills he obtained from Fortress Investment Group.

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In the past, there were no techniques that could be used in measuring the impact associated with program trading. Gareth Henry claims that quantitative techniques provide investors with tools that help them analyze and examine the anticipated future, current, and past events, leading to wise investment decisions. He states that applications such as QuantStart offer investors with pre-packaged programs for backtesting, execution, risk management, and strategy identification.

Gareth provides that investors should take away their emotions while making investment decisions because it is an enemy of rational decision-making.

Quantitative Investing helps investors overcome their fears and emotions. He believes that greed, fear, or being overwhelmed by emotions or mountains of data will influence rational thinking, thus leading to loses. He claims that quantitative investing lacks these problems. Mathematics and computers lack emotions and so quantitative investing entirely eliminate the problems. Investors can use computers to automate the analyzing, trading decisions, and monitoring.

Quantitative investing might be the best decision, but it is not a perfect solution for all investors. Gareth claims that financial markets are one of the most dynamic entities and so quantitative investing should be dynamic in order to be successful. He advises investors to consider changes in the interest-rate environment when making investment decisions using quantitative techniques.


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