FreedomPop Now Has Services For Phones With Or Without A Sim Card

Many don’t believe in the word ‘free’ because it is rarely something that any company can fulfill, especially when they say that a product or service is free of charge. A review of FreedomPop speaks of their free cell phone service, and although there is an initial cost to get the service, the service itself is completely free of charge. Anyone who wants to get free cell phone service from FreedomPop can easily do so, and they can have unlimited minutes to call others if they are creative. In a recent FreedomPop review, it talks about how to set up a FreedomPop cell phone for service.

There are two different types of phones that can be used with FreedomPop, a CDMA phone and a GSM phone, which requires the use of a sim card. The CDMA phone is going to be on the Sprint network, which is a direct partner with FreedomPop, especially since FreedomPop operates by using the Sprint cell towers for phone and Internet service. The phone service via Sprint can only be used on CDMA phones, and this means that phones that are marked with Sprint’s logo can be used with FreedomPop.

There is no difference in call quality if a person uses a CDMA phone or a GSM phone. Those using a GSM phone will receive service via Tmobile or AT&T and must purchase a sim card from FreedomPop in order to allow the service to work. The sim card is valued at $15 which typically costs around $4.99 and can go as low as $0.99, depending on where the sim card is purchased. The 3-in-1 sim card can be used around the globe, allowing for free services in many different locations. Once the sim card is paid for, the service can be set up on the phone.

The service a person chooses for their cell phone is up to them, but those who downgrade to the free service will have no other service fees as long as they already have a sim card. The free service will include 200 MB of data that can be upped to 700 MB of data if one follows certain directions to get this extra data for free. Up to 200 minutes of talk time, as well as 500 text messages is also included with the free phone plan, and those that use Wi-Fi service can possibly get unlimited Wi-Fi and talk time.

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