Fortress Investment Group Under Peter Briger

Peter Briger joined Fortress Investment Group in 2002 as a Debt Securities and Real Estate businesses lead during a time that the company was in a phase of diversification from its equity businesses that were core and private. He is currently the company’s Principal, the Directors Board Co-chairman and Real Estate Credit Business Head. His wealth has always grown from his expertise in assets trading that are of value to very few persons. He, however, has a specialty in distressed debt. He received his MBA from Penn University Wharton Business School and his BA from Princeton University.

Before joining Fortress Investment Group, he had worked at Goldman Sachs Company for 15 years and as a partner since 1996. During the 15 years, he was positioned as a Trading business and sales of Whole Loans Co-head, Asian Business of Distressed Debt Co-head, Private Asian Equity business of Real Estate Co-head and Group of Principal Investments Fixed Income Co-head. He is also a great supporter of philanthropic causes holding different positions including, Special Surgery Hospital Advisors Board Member, Caliber Schools Board member, Investment Company of Princeton University and Tipping Point Director and offers support to the Conservancy of Central Park.

Peter Briger together with other two Princeton alumni established a program of pilot funding (AEF) to help other alumni into entrepreneurship. This would help accomplish the vision of Princeton Way of Entrepreneurship that builds the distinctive strengths of the University for providing education on liberal arts. This fund would help the alumni members put to life their creative ideas with funding of up to $100,000. The program aims to encourage and put into action innovation, idea-generation, risk-taking and creativity among the recent alumni and current students.

While in the Rockies of Canada for a heli-skiing trip, he met Casares who explained to him about the Bitcoin Technology and how it worked. With an in-depth explanation of its benefits and how convenient it was in moving money all over the world, his interest grew. It would benefit companies like Fortress Investment Group which had to transfer millions through different banks all over the world hence influenced Wells Fargo to venture into it.

In an article by Nathaniel Popper in May 2015, Peter Briger talked about Wall Street journey into bitcoin business. In 2013, Wells Fargo bank branch in San Francisco travelled to Fortress Investment Group headquarters in New York for a meeting to look into Bitcoin exchange that would be the first to be regulated by the nation. In the meeting, Peter Briger gave his pitch concerning the project. He said that Bitcoin technology would benefit Fortress Investment Group with its feature of an instant and cheap way of sending money around the world. He urged Wells Fargo to catch up with Bitcoin to handle the payment networks challenge that it was facing. With this, he argued that this bank together with his company could provide a bitcoin regulated exchange in America. The conversation did not end at an agreement then, but these two giants in finance meeting provided a window for Wall Street to slowly but continually grow with this technology.

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