Exploring the World Helps Norka Luque Find Musical Stardom

There is no easy or set path to finding musical success, some people have been discovered via YouTube and others have taken a more traditional approach to working their way into the music industry through live performances. The rise to stardom of Norka Luque does not fit seamlessly into either category after the Venezuelan born star embarked on travels to Europe from her Latin American birthplace in a bid to break into the music industry. Norka, as she is known to her fans, has been at the top of the music industry since 2011 when she released her first works with producer Emilio Estefan Jr. and found success from North America to South America.

The career of Norka Luque could have taken a very different turn when she set out from her birthplace of Caracas, Venezuela to find success in France as a musician; Norka had spent much of her early life studying piano and singing with teachers after divulging her love of music to her parents. The support of her parents would become a major aspect of the life of Norka in the years immediately after high school when the Venezuelan singer decided her best chance of success was to break into the European music industry in France.

Before being discovered and offered the chance to become a singer Norka Luque decided to secure her own future by looking to complete a series of degrees while living and working in France; eventually, Norka completed degrees in areas, such as marketing and fashion. Norka would eventually begin a career in finance, but never gave up her dream of a career in music that saw her continue to tour with a band across Europe that would lead to her being discovered by Emilio Estefan Jr.

The ambition of Norka Luque, and her refusal to give up on the dream of working in the music industry she had held since childhood has now been pushed into her work as an artist, which sees her bring the message of belief and never giving up on dreams to her army of fans.

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  1. Lillie Roger says:

    Norka found initial success in 2012 across Latin America and in the U.S., and hopes to continue this success in 2016 with the release of her latest work. It may have led to what http://thebookmark.biz/ has been talking about which is also very necessary too.

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