Dr. Mark Mckenna Is Congratulated On His Expertise In Medicine And His Success In Business

Dr. Mark Mckenna is known for his medical prowess as well as his entrepreneurial mind. Mark has successfully combined the two for a highly profitable and fulfilling profession. It takes a great deal of effort to be good in the medical field nevermind create successful business ideas. This is a testament to Dr. Mark Mckenna’s remarkable abilities.

Mark was able to study at Tulane University for a period of years until he earned his medical degree, which allowed him to start practicing medicine with his father, who already owned his own family practice. Mark was able to get a great deal of hands-on experience working with his father, which also built his aspirations to achieve even greater things. Due to his position, Mark was afforded many opportunities for creating his own business, which he decided to jump on when he got the chance. Dr. Mark Mckenna’s first come was known as McKenna Venture Investments, an investment firm in the New Orleans area. The stories from Mark’s childhood had finally come true since most of his childhood community agreed he was the most likely to be successful.

After finishing up his work in New Orleans helping out the community, Mark moved to Atlanta, Georgia. It was here that Dr. Mark Mckenna was able to start up his next business idea using the medical field as a background. This company was known as ShapeMed and was focused on aesthetic wellness. This company gained a lot of traction and Mark managed to sell it off to Life Time Fitness in 2014 thanks to its popularity. Thanks to this, Mark was able to get started on his next innovation in the field of medicine and business, OVME. Mark’s clients are able to order products and treatments right through OVME and have it delivered to their homes, rather than having to go to the doctors. All treatments are non-surgical of course for safety. Thanks to Mark’s unique approach and special ability to mix his medical expertise with his entrepreneurial ideas, he’s impacting both industries for the better.


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