Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Expertise Leads Cosmetic Surgery Industry Into The Future

Dr. Jennifer Walden has earned herself the right to serve on the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) board of directors. She will be recognized as the first female Surgeon to ever do so. She was elected secretary even though she already serves a different role, currently she holds the position as Commissioner of Communications for ASAPS.

Her experience and accomplishments within the industry has propelled her into the spotlight, and she has already proven that her skills are of a special kind. She stands out as a successful physician, and very few females actively serve on the board with experience as a physician.

Dr. Jennifer Walden established the Walden Cosmetic Surgery company that offers plastic surgery services, including face lifts, eyelid lifts, stomach modification surgery, and other popular cosmetic surgery types. Patients receive an incredible experience from start to finish with satisfaction rates through the roof. Her operations and extremely well received and her record proves that she has the expertise to succeed in her role.

Dr. Walden has also volunteered to teach and speak at various cosmetic and medical conferences across North America. She has had a significant impact in helping spread the word about cosmetic surgeries, and the new technologies that come along with it. She has earned herself the right to serve as a national teacher representative for the industry itself.

Dr. Walden has appeared in dozens of interviews and magazines to talk about plastic surgeries in recent months, and her popularity continues to grow as the demand for the services that she provides are becoming more popular in American society. She recently spoke about how she wants to empower female community to act independently and following passion and beliefs. Her beliefs are extremely respected and she seems to enjoy playing the part of a role model to teenage girls and younger women.

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