Deciding On A Wedding Venue Course Of Action

After becoming engaged one of the most basic as well as most important challenges a couple will struggle with is choosing a wedding celebration venue.


Topping the list of importance in any decision is creating a draft budget. Do not, for example, place a $10,000 venue on your list when you can only meet the expense of $4,000.


A place to track all research on wedding venue ideas, such as a research spreadsheet, should follow.


The name of venue, location, capacity, layout and rates should be included in the research. Availability, type, (such as hotel, restaurant, outdoors), restrictions, and parking should also be taken into consideration.


Another item to be included might be the website of the venue should you wish to go back and remind yourself what it offers.


If you cannot find answers on a venue’s site, you might email the company to see if a marketing packet might be available.


Following your online research, it is recommended going back to the venues you were most impressed with to get a better understanding of specifically what they have to offer and at what cost.


For example, are extras, such as free parking, included.


Another tip would be to double check on the date you are interested in and whether the capacity fits your guest list.


As a final point does the venue give you the general feeling you are hoping for your wedding day. You may have a specific decor in mind but then visit a venue and change your mind completely.


One wedding venue NYC, Manhattan Penthouse was recently awarded “BEST of 2017” by Rick Bard Manhattan Bride Magazine.


The 8,000 square foot loft-like penthouse on 5th Avenue, created by founder and president Sam Millliken, offers breathtaking 360 degree skyline views through Palladian windows, top cuisine and up to 200 seated with dancing.



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