Chainsmokers Are Releasing New Emotion Filled Music

Recently the group duo the Chainsmokers released a track called “Closer”. “Closer” has been anticipated greatly by Chainsmoker fans. One of today’s biggest sought after stars Haley, is included on the track. One half of Alex Pall, Andrew Taggart is featured on the hit radio track “Closer”.

The group are DJ’s who usually only contribute electronic tunes to their tracks. They don’t generally lend their own vocals to their tunes. Other artist, songwriters and vocalist were used to lend their talents. The group is known for creating up tempo dance music. They now want to be known for being artist and not just two guys behind the scenes creating tunes. Taggart and Pall like to add emotion to their tracks. The addition of emotion allows listeners to be exposed to more and more of the pair.

Growing up, Alex Pall enjoyed music and became a DJ. He started in New York DJing gigs and realized that he was far more passionate about being a DJ than just having the job be something of a hobby and something that he did on the side. Alex decided while DJing at an art gallery that he really wanted to give dance music a shot as it had become something that seemed to completely consume his life. Pall’s then and current manager, introduced him to Drew. Pall and Drew hit it off immediately prompting Pall to quit his current job and Drew relocating to New York from Maine. That was the beginning of the “Chainsmokers”.

Drew became interested in being a DJ before meeting Alex Pall while he was attending college. He was an early fan of electronic music. College mates went from making fun of Dew for listening to dance music and wearing v-neck t-shirts to finding themselves doing and enjoying the same things. Drew began producing music and began landing gigs in New York. Drew was made aware that knew Alex’s manager and informed Drew about the “Chainsmokers” and made him aware that one of the members would be leaving the duo and the remaining member was looking for someone new.

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