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End Citizens United Feels Responsible for Helping Citizens

Thanks to SOAR for your support and a great, crowded lunch today in Madison County! Congrats to the scholarship recipients for their essays on @StopBigMoney and getting the corrupting influence of money out of our democracy! #KellyCoalition #IL12 #twill … Continue reading

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End Citizens United Announces New Endorsements For 2018 Midterms

Issuing a flurry of key endorsements around the nation, the political action group known as End Citizens United (ECU) is ramping up its efforts as the 2018 midterm elections, now just a little more than six months away. Among those … Continue reading

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George Soros Is Back In The Game

George Soros is back in the political game after a lengthy period of inaction, at least in the political arena. A story in Politico reports that Soros has upped his political game in the past year, however, as the race … Continue reading

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Betsy DeVos Believes In School Vouchers

One of the most debated topics in the country today is public education. Many people feel that the public education system needs to have changes made while other people feel that it is fine in its current format. One of … Continue reading

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George Soros Wants The Left To Stage A Comeback

The Year To Forget The Left was severely disappointed by 2016 on Last year marked a shocking comeback for conservative politicians with victories in both America and Europe. In America, the victories of the Right were much more complete … Continue reading

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