Bob Reina Says Outside-Of-The-Box Thinking Is What Has Led To Most Of His Success

Bob Reina, the founder of Talk Fusion, a video marketing company, brings his passion to help others and years of experience with him every day at his work. Bob’s Eureka moment happened when he was introduced to the network marketing industry, and he realized it was through marketing and video that he would be able to help people the most. Eventually, he refined his business to video email and began the company, Talk Fusion. One of the things that Bob likes best about his work is the fact that he gets paid when other people get paid or are successful. It is through this mutual beneficial beneficial type of business that Bob hopes to help as many people as possible.


Bob Reina knows that focusing on one project at a time is important, and that it is best to focus on creating what people need now rather than spreading yourself too thin by going after every single idea you have ( Bob believes that most of his success has come because he thinks outside of the box and avoids sitting still.


Bob Reina is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, and it his through his entrepreneurial skills and marketing brilliance that the company is as successful as it is today. Earlier on his life, Bob worked many different jobs while also attending the University of South Florida. It was there that he graduated at the top of his class, which was in the police academy. Not long after serving as a patrol officer Bob decided to become a sales associate, and it was then that he realized that marketing was in his future.


Aside from his business life, Bob Reina is a lover of animals, and he brings his pets to his office, with him, on most days. He also spends a lot of his off-time supporting non-profit organizations for animals. One of the trends that excites Bob the most is the rise in online videos as well as communicating through live video. He could see the trend starting over a decade ago and is pleased to see that it has become what it is today.


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