Anthony Petrello’s brilliance lands him a position as CEO of Nabors

Anthony Petrello has a strong educational background. He holds a bachelor in mathematics from the University of Yale. He also holds a masters in mathematics from, the same university as well. After the masters in mathematics, he decided to drop out of a career as a mathematician and went to Harvard law school to study law. He currently holds a Juris Doctor from the institution. From his education, it is clear that Anthony Petrello loves topics that require him to analyze and solve complex issues. Both mathematics and law require a sharp mind that can analyze and come up with unique ways of solving problems.

After completing his studies at the Harvard law school. Anthony Petrello joined a New York based law firm known as Baker & McKenzie. This firm deals with corporate taxation, international arbitration among other corporate related issues. Anthony Petrello being a qualified business litigator majoring in corporate compliance and taxation handle matter that related to this subject. What amazed his clients is the ease with which he could analyze their cases. He was one lawyer that you could rest assured that your case was in good hands. Anthony Petrello possessed solid understanding of the law that enabled him to attract many clients for the law firm. As a recognition for his efforts in helping the law firm, Anthony Petrello was promoted to the position of managing partner of the New York offices.

In the course of carrying out his duties as a lawyer, Anthony Petrello impressed one of his clients, Nabors Industries. Nabors is an oil and natural gas drilling firm in Texas, U.S. The managers of this company convinced Petrello to join the company in the role of the head of operations. In 1991, Anthony Petrello resigned from the law firm and joined Nabors Industries.

After his appointment as the chief operating officer of the company, Anthony Petrello proved to be an asset for the firm. In a year’s he had already received another promotion, he joined the executive board of directors. By 2003, he was already the vice chairman of the company. Anthony retained the position of the chief operating officer up to 2011 when he was promoted to the biggest position there is in the company, he was made the chief executive officer. He is also the chairman of the executive committee of board members as well as the chairman of the board. Anthony Petrello was the best-paid U.S CEO in 2014.

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