Anthony Petrello- Business executive and philanthropist

Tony Petrello is an accomplished business executive and a philanthropist. In both areas, he has excelled extremely well. He is the chief executive officer of drilling company known as Nabors Industries. This is the biggest drilling firm in the world currently. To be appointed the head of such a firm, it means that he is a man with great leadership and management skills. His abilities to manage the firm can never be put into question. Since he moved to the company, it has been a constant trend of growth. He has inspired the workers to give their best and to always work for the best interest of the firm. He has put great emphasis on recognizing the important role that his employees play. He has ensured that they remain motivated by giving them good wages.

Anthony Petrello has earned a name following his great performance at the helm of the drilling giant. Nabors Industries has the best drilling services in the world. This is a factor that has seen the company being given contracts to drill oil and natural gas in many parts of the world. Nabors Industries has the best drilling technology coupled up with the best drilling rigs.

Anthony Petrello has always been a man of great performance. He is not new to brilliant achievements. All his life, he has always stood out for his ability to solve problems that others are struggling with. From a young age, he showed talent in mathematics. He could solve problems that only experts at advanced levels of education could solve. His brilliance in mathematics guaranteed him an admission slot at the Yale University. Here, he studied a degree in mathematics. On top of that, he worked closely with Professor Serge Lang to prove various mathematical theories. Though he left the mathematics field after acquiring his masters, he remains one of the best mathematicians from Yale University. Anthony Petrello left Yale for the Harvard School of Law. Here, he graduated with a Juris Doctor.

On the philanthropic aspect of his life, Anthony Petrello is leading the way for other philanthropists in the healthcare department. He has been the main contributor towards the setting up of the first neurological research Centre in the United States. He has personally contributed over $5 million towards the realization of this mission. He hopes that the neurological center which is located at the Texas Children Hospital will come up with a solution to disorders that affect children.

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