Angel Investor Ara Chackerian

Ara Chackerian is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and philanthropist. He works with ASC Capital Holdings, LLC as the Managing Director. ASC Capital Holdings, LLC’s main mission is to invest in preliminary stage healthcare organizations. Ara is a board member and co-founder of TMS Healthcare Solutions, a transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment provider. These kinds of treatments are aimed at those treating those with resistant depression.

Prior to working with TMS Healthcare Solutions, Ara’s proficient career has at all times rotated around investing and entrepreneurship. His main interest is in service and health-tech field. He has been in the medical field for over two decades. He has helped in developing healthcare firms such as Embion/Provider Links, TMS Health Solutions, PipelineRX and many more. Additionally, Ara works as a committed board member to various initial stage healthcare firms within San Francisco such as pipelineRX, TMS Healthcare Solutions and Mint Medical Education.

Ara Chackerian is also devoted to preventing the environment with his one Limonapa investment. Moreover, Ara is dedicated also toward giving back to the community. For instance, Era donates and contributes heavily toward charities. He is involved with young and educational nonprofit organizations such as Nor Luyce, JUMA Ventures, and CREA Nicaragua.

The partnership with TMS Health Solution has allowed Ara and the company to increase their knowledge in creating outpatient radiology diagnostic centers to a dissimilar healthcare area. It has been more than a decade since Ara and the partner came up with this idea. Currently, there are centers within Northern California dealing with radiology diagnosis. The vision of the two partners was to come up with a network that would provide the doctor and the patient the comfort they require. In addition to this, the platform would consider the patient more as compared with the doctor. Check out for more.

Ara Chackerian holds a marketing degree from the state university of Florida. Much of his time is dedicated toward areas that involve coaching, vision, and strategy. He always balances between investing, entrepreneurship and philanthropic desires to realize his goals. Most of Ara’s ideas come for his life experiences. Good partners can determine a success of an organization, Ara belief. Moreover, entrepreneurs should always appreciate the efforts of their partners.

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