Alex Hern Introduces Practical Virtual Reality Startup

Virtual reality is a popular term in the tech industry today. Innovators are creating amazing applications of VR tech, and people can’t get enough of it. Alex Hern is introducing practical virtual reality tech with his new startup Tsunami VR. While most software developers want to produce interactive entertainment, new tech company Tsunami VR is focusing on business communication solutions. He believes the future of VR isn’t in gaming or movies. Instead, he wants to create software for offices and business meetings. The current software isn’t as exciting as games, but it can impact our lives in more ways.

Tsunami VR is targeting the professional demographics. Communication is crucial to any successful business, but there are challenges to the communication process. Nonverbal communication provides people with a way to add power to their message. Hearing someone talk to you in the same room is powerful, but meeting up isn’t always possible. Virtual reality can connect people across the globe. You can talk to people miles away with virtual headsets, and the conversations you have are naturally engaging. This approach to business communication is new, but it is gaining acceptance. Alex Hern is leading the movement to make VR a practical part of our lives.

When a new medium rises, entrepreneurs try to stake their claim to it. Virtual reality is in a defining stage, and software developers are trying to shape its future. The entertainment industries are creating innovative software using VR, but the vision for this technology is expanding. Targeting business leaders is an innovative strategy, but Tsunami VR is attracting the interest of many investors. Alex Hern’s success record attracts people who are usually skeptical of startups. The seemingly mundane concept behind Tsunami VR has potential, and the company is lead by an entrepreneur with decades in the industry.

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