Alex Hern Creates Tsunami XR To Create Better Ways To Train

Alex HernStephen Ray recently published an article on Premier Gazette titled “Alex Hern Brings Immersive VR to San Diego.” The article reveals how the founder Tsunami XR has allowed people to integrate a virtual reality into the physical world. Virtual reality and augmented reality have begun to change entertainment. The Chief Product Officer of the company indicates that the immersive technology creates a sense of realness for anyone using it.

XR, otherwise known as extended reality, reveals how virtual reality, augmented reality, 360-degree videos, and mixed realities are all a part of the future entertainment industry. By creating a technology that can encompass the different realities, Alex Hern wanted to leave room for the company to grow. XR can be an expensive industry to enter. However, companies like Alex Hern’s Tsunami XR seeks to create virtual reality as a way to solve problems as well as entertain.

Alex Hern believes extended reality will be used for a variety of industries such as architecture and construction, aerospace, education, medical, and even defense. He also indicates that AI might be applied to extended reality to create augmented realities. His forward thinking has allowed him to become one of the leading startup incubators in the nation. It has also allowed him to discover how to develop new ways of communicating through software. He hopes the company will create ways for different companies to exchange ideas and create training opportunities for a variety of different industries. The company was created in 2014.

One such possible application of XR is firefighting. Alex Hern suggests that companies like Tsunami XR would create a virtual reality training for firefighters to simulate experiences to create better methods for controlling wildfires. By fighting virtual fires, firefighters would be able to train with haptic feedback that would create a realistic situation.

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