Alastair Borthwick Always Went Further For Writing And Adventure

When Alastair Borthwick’s Always a Little Further was first published in 1939, it told the story of how hiking went from being an elite sport to becoming part of common culture. The economy of Scotland and most of the world had taken a bad turn and people were looking for things to do that they could afford. The rich who had been keeping the sport to themselves were confused when it began to get more popular.

He had been writing about the subject of hiking for a few years while working for The Glasgow Herald before he published his first book. The subject had been written about previously in a technical sense and from the perspective of the elite who had hiked at far away locations. He was the first to write about hiking from the perspective of the common people who had taken an interest in it. People were hiking across Europe staying at hostels or just camping. There weren’t enough jobs to go around and people were trying to make the best out of their less than ideal situation.

The collection of articles that were gathered from The Glasgow Herald that made up Alastair Borthwick’s Always a Little Further told an interesting story of climbing that had never been told before. It introduced the world to a side of hiking that many people didn’t know existed yet. It also showed the comradery between friends as they were climbing and the connections that they made with the people that they met along the way. T.S. Eliot, the famed writer and poet, helped get the book published and even used his pull at the publishing company to make sure that it was made available to the world.

While the book may have been written decades ago, it is still known as one of the best works on the subject today. Alastair Borthwick went on to be a broadcaster following a successful career in writing. His book is one of the most well-known works about adventuring in the highlands of Scotland and gets republished quite often,

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