A concise review on NewsWatchTV

“NewsWatchTv” is an organization that partners with almost 500 different companies ranging from small independent business to non profit organizations to app developers from all over the world. They have built good relationships with these companies over the past years and continue to create a more reliable trust worthy reputation as the days go on. Few of the major companies they work with are Intel, D-Link, Sony, Casio, Outback Steakhouse, and many more.

NewsWatchTv is has a very good influence so they can benefit companies that work with them majorly when it comes to promoting, special services, and just spreading the word about what certain companies do. When “Contour” started working with the news network their specific goal was to market their workstation through both online and television. Simply the ultimate goal for Contour was to help increase their exposure which would increase their sales. Eventually Contour started to see rapid results when it came to how many viewers and sales they had.

Avanca Decided to link with “NewsWatchTv” for basically the same reason as Contour except had different expectations in mind. They were working on a crowd funding campaign to help receive enough money for something they’ve been working on called the “Ockel Sirius B Pocket PC”. Their goal was to make $10,000 within a 30 day period. This got Avanca nervous because if they were to not reach their goal by the thirtieth day then no money would have been received.

This made them want to further expand their influence and reach out to NewsWatchTv for a one minute segment where they promote their idea and talk about their purpose for the funding. Later on, they find out that their funding project was a success. They simply needed 10,000 dollars but ended up making $456,551 in the end. That goes to show that when you go on national television for just a segment and promote your idea correctly, it may have more of an influence than you would’ve imagined.

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