A Chief Investment Officer SahmAdrangi

He got a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Yale University. He was an analyst at Longacre Fund Management. He worked to lecture bankruptcy at Chanin Capital Partners. Creditors were advised by him in out-of-court and restructuring of bankruptcy. SahmAdrangi was advising the committee of creditors on issues of bankruptcy and leveraging loan debts financing at the bank of Deutsche. Opportunities have been provided by the decline of stocks from 20% to 50%. Declines of these stocks were contributed due to issues of liquidity from forced selling.

Kerrisdale Capital Management was founded by SahmAdrangi who was also the chief Investment officer. All aspect of the firm’s development got him involved.1 million dollars was used for launching the company. Kerrisdale focuses on the value that is a long-term investment. Northern Dynasty was published by Adrangi.Investing is his passion hence it helped him generate capital he made.

Under-followed stocks long and may not be understood by the market. Chinese companies like China Marine Food Group, China-Biotics, lihua International were exposed by Adrangi for fraud, and this made him be known by many securities and Exchange Commission were made the subjects of enforcement action from China Education Alliance and China Cast Education Corp. Kerrisdale’s expertise has developed as Mr. Adrangi had focused on the firm’s effort to be used in its sectors. The sector of biotechnology has been focused on, and research on development stage has been published by Kerrisdale like sage Therapeutics Zafgen and pulse Biosciences.

Mining prospects and market valuation of First Magnetic Silver, Northern Dynasty Minerals has also been focused upon, and views have been shared on Globalstar, Dish Network and Viasat Inc. in the telecommunication sector. The development of the other company’s cash allocation policies was optimized, and this made him get engaged with Lindsay Corporation Management. A proxy contest to be replaced directors at Morgans Hotel Group was led by Mr. Adrangi. An annual return of about 28% has been averaged however it is against the company’s stock, and 500 million dollars have been managed by Kerrisdale


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